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Price Guidelines

To ensure you have a clear indication of the total cost of our Conveyancing service we have set out below some examples of the main types of Conveyancing transactions along with our prices.

Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ pricing as each transaction is different. Some examples of the variables include:

  • Whether a first time buyer.
  • Whether a re-mortgage.
  • Whether freehold or leasehold.
  • Whether a new build.
  • Whether first registration of title.
  • Whether a shared ownership scheme.
  • Whether a purchase at auction.
  • Whether using a help to buy scheme.
We would always encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements with you to enable us to provide you with a detailed quote.

Example Estimates

Type of Transaction Value of the property is between £0 – £250k Value of the property is between £250 – £500k Value of the property is between £500 – £1m
Sale (freehold) 1,100 1,200 1,300
Purchase (freehold) 1,100 1,250 1,400
Sale (leasehold) 1,200 1,300 1,400
Purchase (leasehold) 1,200 1,350 1,500
  • VAT is payable on our fees outlined above


These are costs payable to third parties that relate to a transaction, below are some examples of disbursements that may arise in a typical transaction.

For Purchases

  • Search fees. The amount payable for searches will be dependent on the location of the property that you are purchasing; however search fees will not usually be below £127.
  • Land Registry search fee of £3.00. If you are obtaining a mortgage a further Land Registry bankruptcy search is required at the cost of £2.00 per name.
  • Stamp duty Land Tax. This is variable and is based on the value of the property, the status of the buyer and the nature of the transaction. You can calculate the amount of stamp duty payable by using the H M & Revenues Stamp Duty Calculator
  • Land Registry registration fee. This will depend on the value of the property being purchased, but the current scales for purchase of a single registered freehold property are as follows:-
Property ValueFee
0 to £80,000£20
£80,001 to £100,000£40
£100,001 to £200,000£95
£200,001 to £500,000£135
£500,001 to £1,000,000£270
£1,000,001 and over£455

For SAles

  • Land Registry copy entries, assuming the property is registered, which is a minimum of £6.00.
  • Electronic Bank Transfer fee of £30 per transfer.
  • For leasehold property sales a fee is usually payable to the lessor/management company for an information pack.

Fixed Fee

Any quote that we provide to you is intended to be fixed and would only be varied, in consultation with you, in the event of the proposed transaction becoming unexpectedly complicated or protracted.


It is very difficult to give an accurate estimate of the length of time a transaction will take as this will depend on a number of variables including the length of the chain. The gov.uk website currently states that “buying or selling a home normally takes 2 to 3 months.” The process can be quicker or slower than this depending on a number of variables.